Services We Provide

Oracle Training: Provide instructor-led training classes on Oracle
technologies. Currently we are offering ORACLE SQL training. This course
is meant for beginners. The classes are held in Elkridge, MD, conveniently
located near Columbia, MD, Baltimore, MD, Silver Spring, MD and DC.
Oracle SQL Course covers.
  •     Relational theory, concept of relation, attribute, key
  •     Introduction to SQL
  •     Creating schema, tables, primary keys, columns, foreign keys
  •     DDL , DML, DCL statements
  •     Roles and Users
  •     Datatypes and Nulls
  •     Indexes, Sequences, Views
  •     SQL Developer tool
  •     SQL*Plus tool
  •     Functions
  •     Queries and subqueries
  •     Explain plan
  •     Advanced queries
  •     Changing database schema
  •     Basic PL/SQL programming
  •     Performance tuning
  •     Data dictionary tables
Certificate of Training will be awarded on successful completion of the
training. There will be up to 4 classes to cover the ORACLE SQL course.
The class are held primarily on weekends with flexibility on other days.
Practice time could be offered for couple of hours so that student can have
more hands-on experience.  Training material will be provided.
Training Cost:
Call or email
Payment method: Cash/Check. Checks should be made payable to
                      OMEGA IS ALPHA INC   

Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence: If your business suffers from
lack of making intelligent decisions then you might need Enterprise Data
Warehouse. We can analyze the business processes, source systems and
design and implement a plan for Data Warehouse and Data Marts (if
needed) development. Identification of what tools to use for data modeling,
RDBMS technology, Servers, ETL tool for loading data into DW, loading
data into Data marts, Query/Reporting tools for BI.

Application Development: If your business needs a new database
application to support new business initiatives we can analyze and design
and implement a plan for the database application development .
Identification of Servers, RDBMS technology, tool for Data Modeling, front
end software, EAI if needed to sync data with other databases.
For further questions and correspondence please send email to